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Hello, I am Janina

As the principal of W&A LAW, my passion for investigating and problem solving is reflected in all aspects of our legal services. As a solicitor, I am highly skilled in presenting evidence in court, but my expertise goes beyond that. I am also a private investigator with a vast network of professionals in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. My love for different cultures and languages has enabled me to work with clients from all backgrounds with the utmost respect and sensitivity, crafting personalized solutions to their legal problems.

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My Story

Having had a successful career in private sector, I have set up W&A Law in 2023. 

I am a solicitor registered in both England and Wales, as well as in the Republic of Ireland. Additionally, I'm proud to be a member of the American Bar Association. My legal expertise encompasses Corporate Law, Sanctions, and Corporate Governance. I have been a member of the Chartered Governance Institute since 2011 and I am an Associate of this institution. Also I am an Affiliate member of the STEP.  My deep passion for global cultures is evident, not least in my fluency in eight languages. When advising multinational giants, I believe my unique combination of legal wisdom and cultural insight sets me apart, offering a multifaceted, global perspective on the subjects I tackle.

In addition to my legal pursuits, I am a private investigator and proudly hold membership with the Association of British Investigators. I actively incorporate investigative techniques, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, OSINT, and HUMINT, into my legal practice.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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